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Jarvis D. Eleutherus
05 March 2007 @ 01:59 am

I love this in ways that make me grin mischeviously.

Jarvis D. Eleutherus
05 March 2007 @ 12:50 am
This week has been HELL. No time on my hands whatsoever, and then my mother decides to die. So, fabulous! I get to go deal with my father and all of that now since Delores won't let me skip it. I swear that she's made it her personal mission to turn me into some kind of decent human being, but, as I've informed her many a time, such people die quickly in the world I work in daily. She's still not buying it, so she's appointed herself my "funeral date", which apparently entitles her to forcing me into buying her a new dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. etc. Sometimes I wish I could just put on the facade of caring for her the way she wants me to just long enough to get her involved before dropping her and leaving her so that she'd never come back, but her work is far too top-notch, and I'm far too prudish to deal with it. The hotel fiasco should have taught me the result of that sort of thing anyway... So she's taking me out to her favourite shops and restaurant tonight, but I get to pay. We're eating cheap, and that's final, and I swear I'll put my foot down on dress prices! She did give me a very nice black pufftie with a small ruby pin to hold it in place as condolence for the loss, which I barely noticed, save her fuss. And to think, I could have avoided all of this had I simply not given out my number to my parents, who have called a total of three times in the past ten years or so, or just removed my small cell phone from the possession of the building's cellphone dragon. With that going on, I've had little time to yell at the team that nearly sent out a half-assed version of an ad, but I think they undestand what I want from them now that they've experienced their first overnight work no-sleep sleepover! I'm willing to eat the cost of the food and coffee I had brought in if they never try to turn in crap like they did ever again... The next mediocre thing I see may find it's creator fired if my mood doesn't improve soon, but things need spruced up from the way they've been going. I owe Dax and Mel a lot again for churning out some amazing animations for an upcoming project and interview; thank whatever powers may be that I at least have these two on my side. Overly talkative and very nearly the perfect definition of Nerds, I think these two may be the Luke Skywalkers of their respective occupations; Dax makes me question whether or not I can justify myself as 'knowing' a computer at all despite being more capable than most, and Mel is just an amazing artist, traditional or physical, that can pound out ideas faster than even I can put them down. What would I do without them?
Anyway, I need to sleep more. Stockkholders are wanting information, companies are demanding things, my workers are mostly failing to breath correctly, and now my mother has decided to keep with her theme of being inopportune and impertinant by dying right in the middle of it. She never did do anything to really help me on the whole, but at least she stayed to one side, unlike my father; he's the main reason I don't want to deal with all of that, but that's another matter entirely.

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Jarvis D. Eleutherus
18 February 2007 @ 02:29 pm
Last week was a giant dissapointment staff wise. I fired a few people this week; people slacking off, leeching off company resources without giving anything back at all~ weeds, really. My company's garden does have a snail problem, but slugs I cannot abide. (haha... Sometimes my sense of humor makes even me worry.) So, in order to create some symblance of fairness in my exectioner's style of fixing internal affairs, I've decided to hold a contest amongst the workers to weed out the less creative, useless ones that have managed to stow away on my fantastical ship of deadlines and demands. (Why they'd even wish to stow away is beyond reason, but the desperate often do crazy things.) I've gathered a few pictures of various objects and places, thrown them into a few envelopes, and sent them along with instructions to several predetermined groups. Whoever makes the best advertisements from these gets to keep their paychecks. This should prove amusing.


WOW. I never imagined the lack of creativity to be so far gone in even the upper intestinal track of this place... Thank goodness I rigged the contest somewhat, sending the envelopes to those with known abilities to skew the scale. A few surprises were had, but nothing major though, due to this. I ended up firing a few more people than orignally planned, and new recruits are being sought, so I possibly get to deal with a few weeks/days understaffed. This is turning into another Deborah ordeal...Gah...The BOTHER. A few groups at least proved amusing, with an obvious lack of time spent on the project. (One of them tried convincing me that an OBVIOUSLY copyrighted image that had been printed, cut out, and pasted onto the picture I had given them was their original work and not from the company they were supposed to be representing... Had they been joking I may have even laughed at the deplorable thing before they pulled out something worth seeing, but that "something" turned out to be a skit they came up with on the spot... To say the least, I had them fired before their little jingle got to the second line.) More promising groups, selected by my own hand, provided some acceptable magazine ads and a commercial or two, but the slick Flash video meant to work as either an internet advert or television commercial won everyone's hearts. But that's precisely the calibur of work I expect from my office favourites, isn't it? Just because I like them, it doesn't mean I don't make them work for their status! And, as the best group, I rewarded them by allowing them to keep their jobs in addition to recieving a convenient cookie bouquet basket that had arrived on my desk that morning. Two problems dually dealt with!

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Jarvis D. Eleutherus
17 February 2007 @ 04:44 am
I might as well use this thing now that I have it. It's nearly five in the morning, and I haven't slept since around this time yesterday morning. Wonderful, no? I watched Nixon earlier; it really is a great film. I need to watch it more often, but it can run long when one's evening hours are short anyway. But, being a Friday night, one is expected to show some nod to the celebratory end of week thing; I've never been any good at it, but it's not like that's a requirement for being on top of the corperate world.

I found this vintage ad for Fruit Loops recently, and I love it. The tucaan, hat, and use of colour are all just great... I need a few idiots daring enough to put a large, woven hat covered in fruit on a bird with an oversized beak; I'm getting tired of firing the same types that want to "freshen" advertising while all they're really doing is rehashing classics or providing just plain bad ideas. (A polar bear to sell ice?! HOW ORIGINAL.)

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Jarvis D. Eleutherus
15 February 2007 @ 07:43 pm
Delores has been pestering me to do this stupid thing for weeks; some sort of "online journaling" to get out my daily frustrations about life, the universe, and everything, I suppose. I've never really been any good at these things; there's no real point to them, is there? I type down some words no one will ever bother to read, and, wow! No one cares. Waste of time and effort. But Delores has managed to steal my keys and a few other things dear to me person in a masterful trick worthy of her dominatrix styling. So, having been thusly coerced, I'm sitting here at my desk, giving her the occassional hard look as she spins my keys on her all too well-groomed fingers. (Her lotion will be all over the keyring... it will take WEEKS to get rid of the slime feeling...) I feel this sufficient for a first entry. Either way, I'm leaving on time; I have to make sure one of our newer spots is coming out correctly~ the idiots in shipping have ruined things before, and it's best caught early.

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