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17 September 2007 @ 02:47 pm
[ The Impropriety! ]  
I cannot believe the impertenance of some people. I just finished firing another idiot today, and this one more than deserved it. Not only did he waste company supplies and time by producing several small flyers featuring yours truly and a photo of a Jeffery Marsh, but he had the gall to compare us! "Twins separated at birth???!?!?!?!11?!" is NOT an acceptable catch phrase, either!! We look nothing alike, either, this Jeffery Marsh and I. I would not be caught dead, alive, or otherwise in a dress like that!! Delores bitched at me about that, saying that I wasn't born in a suit, but that is perfectly logical from this bubble. And she shouldn't criticize others' dress when she herself exposes more than is healthy for any creature. She also agreed with that bastard! She claims that we look exactly alike. I just don't see it. Just because two men are bald, it does not mean that they look alike! Imbecilic people need to open their eyes!!

I keep no photographs of myself on the computer, but I present a photo of Jeffery Marsh, the one from the poster. The photograph of me was taken to try and resemble this, but a profile shot of me yelling at someone doesn't really capture that. He could have at least executed this idiotic plan a little better.

Current Place of Employment: office
Mood of the Moment: pissed offpissed off
On the Radio: Delores bitching from the other side of the office door
Романmy_xcalibur on May 5th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)

Привет. Я числюсь у тебя в друзьях, а я сейчас провожу отсеивание не активных друзей и роботов. Отметься пожалуйста в комментариях к верхнему посту в моем ЖЖ



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