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08 August 2007 @ 02:19 am
[ I Need SUGAR, Not FAILURES!! ]  
I haven't updated this thing in a while(Yet again,) but now I feel it important to type something somewhere opposed to strangling the idiot that not only caused a major filing error, but also stole my last Starburst, which was clearly labeled as being mine!!!!!! The INSTANT I find out who it was, he or she will greatly regret it!! I have no time now to run down to the local Kwik-e-Mart to buy another package( which is also a waste of my money, never mind that I was going to buy another one anyway!!), and someone has also hidden my shoes, that someone being my right and left hand men, namely because they don't want me throwing them at the group of imbeciles that tried to turn in a stack of kidergarten-grade 'art' as their final project outline for a new job I managed to wrangle in. Aweful. Just Aweful. Another late night, and I doubt that anyone would think to bring me a gallon or two of that icecream frozen into little balls or cottoncandy or something oozing with sugar and vitality, something with more effort in it than a stack of pasted-together bits of nothing!! I may need to break into my secret stores, which I believe have been running low of late... I hope for their sake that I have at least three bags of Skittles, because otherwise things could be turning for the worst.

Current Place of Employment: the office
Mood of the Moment: crankycranky
On the Radio: screams of despair from underlings