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13 April 2007 @ 02:22 am
[Yea, about that....]  
It's been nearly a month since I touched this thing. To think that I nearly escaped it! Meh. I've been busy with things, and updating drifted down on my list of anything vaguely important. It's nearing 2:30 AM now, though, and I'm waiting on my water to boil for tea to keep me from going hoarse yelling at these idiots that deleted a month's worth of work. Again, I owe Dax and Mel far more than I'd like, as they've stayed behind and are working at full capacity. Interesting that they lack this level of diligence during the rest of the week... No one goes home until it's done. I refuse to budge on that. I bought them all dinner (granted, cheap dinner, but food that one could eat without growing a tentacle or claw, so "dinner" nonetheless), set them up with coffee and tea for caffeine, and I've been fairly patient with them considering the hell that they've wreaked on the system. Everything will be perfect or better by morning, or heads roll right on out that door. And they better not expect to be paid if they go home in the morning, either. They're the ones that fucked up!!! I shouldn't have to pay them for making mistakes! That's just plain bad business. I need to get my tea ready, so I'm off. With any luck, I won't need to stop back again for a while, but with these failures, who knows?

Current Place of Employment: office
Mood of the Moment: pissed offpissed
On the Radio: boiling water