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19 March 2007 @ 01:27 pm
[What is it that you WANT?]  
Orsen Wells was genius. Pretnetious, moody, fickle, and drunk, yes. But brilliant nonetheless. Dax sent me a link to mix made by James Urbaniak and his brother using Orsen's rage-filled talents. The world of advertising needs more people like him, but we're still stuck with the asses wanting you to put emphasis on in in "in July." The world mourns its loss, Orsen, and we do miss you.

Otherwise, things have been going surprisingly well... it's unsettling. Delores called in sick but sent in everything I needed, so no harm was done there; I have a few big things coming up to pester people about, but I'll give them until Wednesday so that they feel all safe about making weekend plans before dashing all hope.

I'm going to put Citizen Kane on tonight and enjoy this drear while I can.

And also, apologies for blowing off the end of the whole funeral fiasco- it all went so horribly horrid that I thought to just forget about mentioning anything at all. We left as soon as the last service was over, and Delores was amazingly silent until the plane took off. It's astounding how people change when they suddenly understand what you were trying to tell them days ago; then they decide to feel bad about it and apologize and try and make it up to you and this and that. People can be such bothers, but at least we won't be doing that ever again.

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