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07 March 2007 @ 11:15 pm
[Funeral Part the First]  

I don't think parents are very receptive of anything their offspring say to them. Ever. My father tried to get me to make some sort of speech, so I gave a little impromtu moving one, but, despite having everyone in tears, he still yelled about it later. Apparently my lack of sincerity was slightly transparent, or perhaps he noticed that I didn't want to bother with any of it. I guess it looks better on paper, anyway; "Man gives stirring send-off for dead, emotionally negligent mother. Audience in tears." That sells while the more honest "Man bullshits for ten minutes about how great a woman referred to as his mother was" doesn't appeal to the masses very well at all. There's one more showing before they finally drop her in the hole, and then I can probably fade into the corner and fly back with Delores before she decides that my father needs something as laughable as 'emotional support.' {note that she smacked me for my speech after everyone had left in addition to the hot little earful I recieved, but her prattling on about her having been my mother of all people, and that I should care and be sad and cry and put flowers on her grave when it's raining and stand there in black with tears running smoothly and cleaning down my painfully contorted face and this and that and she really didn't like the part where I said that I could become Batman if my father kicked it soon. But, really, what loss is that anyway? She cried a bit about my lack of emotions toward my parental beings, but it really shouldn't bother her; she didn't grow up with them trying to force strippers at her introduce her to the culture of the sexuals through more or less coercive means.} She felt better after I treated her to dinner, but she thought the little pub place we visited with our business was somehow romantic and enjoyed making things awkward by teasing me about it. Hence why I asked for separate checks; I did pay for hers, but it effectively jabbed her enough to unfortunately provoke the brining out of proverbially bigger guns- she insisted on clinging to my arm and moaning in the most offensive fashion the entire way back to the hotel(it was close enough to walk to the pub), disturbing more than a few passerbys. I should know by now that she fights dirty. haha a pun

Current Place of Employment: hotel
Mood of the Moment: aggravatedaggravated
On the Radio: Aura sample songs I heard about from a community on here