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06 March 2007 @ 12:56 am
[I toss, and I turn, and I just give the hell up.]  
I'm leaving tomorrow morning at six to catch the flight with Delores back to my little no-name town to see Mother off. I don't think I even care at this point, but I know that's a lie. I can't sleep even though everything is ready, including the shipment of flowers to place on her grave. (I had the closest major flourist do a nice arrangement with a lot of yellows and oranges since she seemed to like those colours; the family will appreciate it and hopefully shut the hell up, anyway.) I've been trying to stop myself, but Transient has been on repeat all night, which is never a good thing with me. Hopefully the stay will be short; a day or two and then back here to the lovely grind of things... I prefer having my nerves eaten alive by these idiots than the ones back "home", but I have little choice in the matter thanks to Delores. I tried sketching some earlier to relieve some stress, but everything turned into Nixon strangling Delores, Delores having a change of heart, or something exploding with a random superhero in stereotypical garb swooping in to save the day, often from a villianess that had a sneaky resemblance to one Delores Kasey. I did some nice colour character sketches for a few of them, and I might gift one to Delores if I can't find a cheap alternative by the time she starts demanding something. (The holidays always roll around in a flurry of gleefully rushed commercials and misleading products!) ~JE
Current Place of Employment: sofa with tea [Earl Grey, black, for once]
Mood of the Moment: depressedzombie
On the Radio: Transient ~Orbital, Blue Album