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05 March 2007 @ 12:41 pm
[Anonymous Asshole or Compliments in Disguise?]  
I recieved an email today containing this article on evaluating whether or not one has a good boss. I could take this as a subtle hint that I'm too strict and don't listen enough to the righteous pleas of my workers, but I prefer to see it as an effective leader's matyring way of ignoring the complaints of those bound under his servitude. (They complain too much anyway. Who needs a larger donut selection?!? No one! They're eating and drinking coffee too much anyway; I may need to look into one of those Japanese plans where we have a required exercise time added into the schedule, with a small reduction on the side of donut money, which, according to statistics, should increase productivity, health, attitude, and many another thing.) I also ironically found a printed version of the email slid under my door when I returned from a morning meeting, with the sections on trust and listening sloppilly highlighted. A lovely waste of company resources. The next time someone asks me to trust them I may just throw out the suggested "good boss" line before throwing the idiot into a hell project with no direction whatsoever. "Tell me when you think you're ready; I'll give you guidelines and be available only when you need me" is a load of finely polished crap; I have workers I can trust, but most of them here think themselves able-bodied when in fact they're missing a few limbs and are obscenely disabled when it comes to operating simple machines like computer programs they should be familiar with and scissors. Dax is refusing to tell me who sent the original email since the individual was talented enough to recall my itchy trigger finger when it comes to rebels, so he or she sent it through him using the little private database he's made for workers. (Which three skilled hackers and a virus program have all failed miserably at opening. A man has some right to worry when half the webpage is devoted to gossip and rumors about him, and he can't access the thing at all to at least see what rabid ideas are going around on the web and not around the water cooler.) At least Dax admitted that I'm very good about treating my employees according to their abilities, and even Mel chipped in a word or two on my overall fairness. (Of course here they had to point out my partialness to them, which won them another project to complete, but I do admit to confiding in them speaking with them on a regular basis as more than employees.) I inquired as to my listening abilities, but they were less forthcoming about this, and admitted that I often sometimes trample ideas that I don't like. It's still annoying to have a little pest sneaking about without the backbone to confront me personally about their problems with how I run things, but chances are high enough that I'll get the perpetraitor via firing squad soon enough.

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